Wish I had a dark corner
So my tears could hide.
Wish my heart stopped breaking
So my pain would go away.
Wish I didn’t breathe anymore
So there would be no more hurt.
My soul, in tandem with the sky;
Clear, bright and calm…

This is me…

Just a tad bit mad

Oddball and quirky

Funny, but lame

Snippy early mornings

Weird just the same.

This is me

Night and day!

People find it hard

To understand the ME;

When I can easily

Find my way!

Darn the rules

The combinations of cultures

Them menacing newspaper stories

On politics and religion!

Life is so small

We live just till we die!

Why do we roll

In shame and guilt

Rather than sand and hay!

Blues greens reds oranges?

Are these colors not enough!

Lilacs burgundy mauves

Bring on the anonymity

Bring on the jazz!

Beautify the horizon

The earth moon and the galaxies

Shade them with your crayons

All still the same.

Nothing lasts forever

Nothing ends.

Just old friends remain together

New ones tossed out in a breath!

Take me to my country

To my valley, the rocks

Bring me the peace I crave,

I yearn.

The food keeps me warm!

Take away the newness

I like the old just for fun

That’s why,

Tad bit mad



Yes that’s me!